龙8国long8娱乐官网 Construction delivers successful projects that exceed our clients’ expectations through partnerships with a wide range of diverse, skilled and trusted trade subcontractors. Prequalification is a prerequisite for award of any subcontract. We invite you to apply today in order to become eligible. All prequalification applications are processed by Subqual, LLC.


Since 1890, 龙8国long8娱乐官网 has built a foundation of respect as a partner and contractor of choice.

As a 100% employee-owned company, we understand the impact of every choice you make in business. That’s why we have supported minority and small businesses, developing long-standing relationships with them, and awarding a significant percentage of our subcontracts to qualified diverse businesses. It is part of our purpose to create environments where everyone can succeed, which is why we strive to be advocates of inclusiveness. That’s why we’re constantly searching for new and non-traditional opportunities for our partners and communities. 

Email Tracy Sanders, Social Responsibility & Community Development Coordinator, with any questions about 龙8国long8娱乐官网’s diversity program and working with 龙8国long8娱乐官网.



All subcontractors must complete the prequalification application to work with 龙8国long8娱乐官网. 



Only subcontractors must prequalify to work with 龙8国long8娱乐官网. If you’d like to work with 龙8国long8娱乐官网 in another capacity, learn more about vendor registration and which companies are exempt from prequalification.


Need Prequalification Help?

Contact us for questions about our prequalification application or if you need assistance with your online submittal.


For general information about prequalification and 龙8国long8娱乐官网 projects:

龙8国long8娱乐官网 Industrial Group

龙8国long8娱乐官网 Transportation Group

龙8国long8娱乐官网 Building Group

Know your codes

龙8国long8娱乐官网 uses the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat list of codes for identifying trades and scope. Please review these codes before beginning the prequalification and registration process. You will be asked to identify the codes for which you self-perform or provide work or materials.


We welcome the opportunity to do business with companies holding these certifications. If you have a certification not on this list, please contact your area representative to explore partnering opportunities.


As the only two-time winner of the AGC’s National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA), 龙8国long8娱乐官网 is the industry leader in safety. Since implementing our Safety by Choice program in 2000, we have reduced incidents by 91 percent. View documentation for our safety program.